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My Seat! RIP

Posted in Chaos Magick, entity, Magic, Occult, Ritual Magic, Servitors, Sigils with tags , , , , , , on November 20, 2012 by Forge

Sadly I have to report the demise of another servitor.

It seems irononic that the last two magical operations I have performed have been to absorb (destroy) servitors I have created.

My Seat! was rendered redundant simply because a few days ago the cafe owners decided to re-arrange the furniture. My favourite comfy seat originally located in the best possible spot to observe the world around me is now in the middle of the cafe and the table numbering has gone to pot too. Thus the spec. for the servitor no longer applied and there is no longer a favorite seat to reserve for me.

It was tidier all round to absorb the servitor. This I did this morning.



MySpace! RIP

Posted in Chaos Magick, entity, Magic, Occult, Ritual Magic, Servitors, Sigils, spirit with tags , , , , , , , on November 2, 2012 by Forge

In previous posts I have described the frustrations I have felt about other people in my street parking their cars in what I regard as my space when I have been foolish enough to vacate it even for a couple of minutes.

I recounted how I created a servitor to occupy the space on my behalf and how recently I have even supplemented the astral bollard with a large yellow storage tub.

Things came to a head last week when a neighbour moved my bollard to the pavement and parked his 4×4 outside my house. I was incandescent with anger! I grabbed the box and placed it on the roof of his car. But, moments later, after a telling off from my wife, I removed it.

This got me thinking. This was only going to end in one of two ways. Either open warfare with my neighbours or I dump this business of regarding the space in the street outside my house as being my rightful territory.

I chose the latter.

And something wonderful happened. A mass of resentment, tension, indignation, you name it, just went away. It was like a dark, heavy cloud had lifted from me.

Since then there have been times when my space was free and other times it is occupied and whilst my wife and daughter still occasionally vent forth when we turn the corner and see another car in that hallowed space, I just get on with finding a safe place to park.

But what of the MySpace! servitor that is now redundant?

I felt it was appropriate to absorb him. His time had ended and it was good psychic hygiene not to have surplus servitors hanging around.

I retrieved his housing, a crystal hidden in a plant pot in our garden adjacent to the road. I had been given a chunk of rock salt the previous weekend (it’s amazing what ends up in a multi-terrain 10k race goody bag!) and felt that this would provide the salty dip to cleanse the crystal. I took this in a bowl to my quiet place where I created Sacred Space by casting a circle and began the ritual.

I kept it simple:-

I called out to MySpace! whilst looking at his programming symbol.

I visualised him appearing in the circle – a big orange traffic cone with white stripes, angry eyes and threatening spikes radiating out.

When I was satisfied he was fully present I thanked him for his service and told him it was time for him to be ended.

I picked up the bowl which contained the salt water and crystal and washed away the sigil.

“You are hereby ended…

I visualised him breaking up. The fragments moved towards me and I sucked them into me.

… and now you return to me.”

I sucked until satisfied that the servitor was truly absorbed and then gave thanks.

I stayed quiet and motionless for a while and then closed the circle.


Living Magically

Posted in Chaos Magick, Magic, Occult, Ritual Magic, Servitors, Sigils with tags , , , , , on July 11, 2012 by Forge

This morning I brought the Parking Eagle into existence.  An hour or so later I went for a run primarily to ground myself in the physical activity but also to shake the lactic acid out of my legs from a hard training session the night before.

The sun was shining and it was breezy.

As I started up the road I called to my Energy Store House Entity and imagined it soaring up into the sky to harvest the rays of the sun and the blustery wind.  I gave it permission to do this indefinitely.

I then called to Parking Eagle and within seconds the distinctive black silhouette sped skywards.  At my command beams of energy shot out from ESHE to strike the spirit raptor with let out a cry not unlike that of the buzzards we see around these parts.

Before long, as I headed out into the countryside, beams of energy were lancing out of ESHE to top up the power levels of all my servitors and I felt I was part of a network of beings, intent and energy.

At times like this life feels truly magical.

I have worked in many different “fields” of magic.  All have been special in their own way but some have also been intensely frustrating due to lack of perceived results.  Many a time I have sat in a cave or at a crossroads in a visualisation working only to feel that the party must be in another place but no one has told me…

The creative side of my personality is really responding to sigil and servitor magic(k) and maybe at long last I have found my niche.  Another part of me knows that in fact the journey continues on whether I like it or not!

Most importantly for me my magical practice interweaves with my daily life and is fully a part of it.

It’s also great fun!

I hope you find something useful in this rambling.


Psychic Questing

Posted in Magic, Occult, Psychic Protection, Ritual Magic with tags , , , , , , , , on May 27, 2012 by Forge

The Green Stone and The Black Alchemist introduced me to the concept of Psychic Questing in the eighties and I was enthralled.

Does anyone do this kind of stuff anymore?


Master of the Temple

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I have been very pleased to see that copies of this exceptional book are now becoming available again.

When I searched for it a year or so ago I was dismayed to find it was virtually impossible to source and those that were available were going for silly money.

A compelling blend of novel and factual material it offers unique insights into a wide variety of magical practices, with substantial references to Aleister Crowley (including his raising of a demon in the North African desert in 1909, Dr Dee, Order of the Golden Dawn, Austin Osman Spare, Gerald Gardner, the OTO, Wicca and, most noteably, sex magic/tantric rites as practiced by “secret orders”.

I have a copy which I have read many times and as I (hopefully) progress in The Work I gain fresh insights into what it contains every time I open its cover.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

And who the heck is/was Eric Ericson?   He writes with authority and the story is a damn good read too!

“A novel isn’t necessarily a work of fiction…”


Assessment of Energy Store House Entity

Posted in Chaos Magick, Magic, Occult, Ritual Magic, Servitors, Sigils with tags , , , , , on January 26, 2012 by Forge

This servitor has been operating for over a month now. I view it as a most satisfying operation so far in terms of creation of a useful entity.

Most significant was the change in form from some kind of mechanical entity to something that was living.

I feel this was really important in establishing the right kind of link (dare I say relationship?) between us.

So now as I think of it, speak out its name, and visualise the sigil, it immediately soars skyward with its tendrils reaching out to gorge itself on the wind and the sunlight.

I have been using it on a daily basis to feed extra energy to Gotch the troll guardian of the allotment in particular and giving myself a boost in my daily life as and when required.

It all feels like it is working effectively and I am particularly pleased with the method of creation which felt very powerful.  I perceive it as an organism that has strong echoes of plankton – transparent – glowing – its organs visible:-

I recommend you create your own ESHE and it would be great to share experiences on this.

Allotment Guardian 4

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Whilst I would have liked to conduct the working at the allotment I felt this was not a practical option owing to the public nature of the place. I was sure that concerns about being seen would be detrimental to the potency of what I was doing. So I used my usual “temple” the room at the top of our house.

Firstly I composed myself and got into a relaxed but centred state. When I felt ready:

“The purpose of this working is to modify and strengthen the entity known as GOTCH and expand the area that he guards!”

I imagined I was drawing a circle of golden light at the end of a beam striking out from my outstretched arm as I turned clockwise. The moment the circle was complete the area it contained felt different. I then flipped the circle around on its axis so I was enveloped by it then by the other axis so I was within a sphere of golden light. Thus Sacred Space was created. Then, at each quarter I opened an imaginary double door through which the powers of air, fire, water and earth respectively flooded through – this is always a bit I get off on, feeling the energy washing over me – I’m an elements freak!

I then drew energy down from above, feeling the power course through my body. A minute or so later I was visualising the allotment and seeing Gotch moving about it. I saw him halt and look at me and at that point I zapped him with energy from my hands. The energy enveloped him and he began to change. I streamed elemental energy at him, routed from the circle and even from the doorways at its edge.

Gotch writhed and roared and grew and…changed to the creature in the picture I had printed off the net. The makeover created a tougher and scarier GOTCH. As I spoke the instructions I continued to bathe GOTCH in elemental energy from the quarters and watched him getting more and more solid and energised.

“It is my will and desire to give new life to the entity GOTCH.

“It is your purpose to patrol my allotments as defined by the boundary markers I will place in the form of crystals buried at the corners of the area. You are bound to stay within this area and may not stray outside unless I instruct you to do so.

“It is your sole purpose to intercept intruders in that area, people who are there with the clear intent to harm or steal my crops and possessions and to make them feel that it is the last place they want to be – they will hear your growl and will feel frightened, nauseous and eager to leave the allotments.

“You will draw your strength solely from the offerings and energy I consciously give you and by no other means.

“You will exist in harmony with all other spirits on the allotment.

“It is through my will that I now call you into being.

“By calling your name I am able to contact you with ease and at any time I so desire, but GOTCH, when this housing is cleansed, so shall your life and purpose be no more, for this is my will and so it is done!”

I visualised GOTCH entering the crystal.

“Go in peace, GOTCH, and begin your task the moment your housing enters the designated area, remembering to appear to me quickly when called upon.

“And so it is done!”

I then closed the quarters and sacred space etc and subsequently strolled to the allotment where I placed the crystal under the floorboards of the shed through a hole conveniently gnawed by a rat. I stapled the picture to the inside of the door and scratched the sigil of his name on the outside of the shed.

There was a palpable sense of sullen presence. I was satisfied – and I admit just a little spooked – that he was there, watching, guarding…