Enter The Servitor “My Seat!”

The servitor known as My Seat! has been created and launched.

My Seat!’s mission is to occupy my favourite seat like a big fat Jabba the Hut squeezing out anyone who is sitting there and giving potential squatters the feeling that the seat they are heading for is already taken.

Here’s the specification.  I have taken out the precise location of the coffee shop to protect its anonymity – if you use this spec you should be as precise as you can as to the target.

Specific Intent:  To manifest on the sofa at table 6 in XXXX Coffee Shop, XXXtown, giving people who are approaching it the impression it is already occupied and incumbents the feeling that they should finish their coffee/food and go in time for my entry into the cafe.

Energy/power source – energised via my ESHE (Energy Store House Entity) directed by me at any time.

Appearance – A large blobby creature not unlike Jabba the Hut

Magical abilities – ability to make its immediate surroundings feel crowded and uncomfortable until I arrive whereby My Seat! will dissipate. Works harmoniously with other servitors.

Housing – n/a     My Seat! to be astral

Activation – to be activated automatically whenever I begin my journey into town with the intention of visiting XXX coffee shop, increasing in effect with every step I take towards the City centre.

Life Span – my lifetime or when absorbed by me

Programming Symbol – a sigil of name

Contact – evoke if necessary using name

Now to see what happens!



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