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Dousing the Firewall

Posted in Magic with tags , , , , on August 3, 2013 by Forge

I was asked to create a sigil to help with the growing concern about the British Government’s plans to censor the internet.

I understand that whilst the apparent prime thrust of the intended legislation is aimed at pornography, there is a strong possibility that a whole raft of other material will get caught in the crossfire, including esoteric material.  Thus there are fears that this could lead to the government being able to filter out anything that doesn’t conform to its vision of what a model citizen should be accessing.

This is a serious threat which must be resisted.

I pondered over whether the sigil should a)  be an instruction such as “oppose the government censorship plans” or a statement of the intended outcome “the government censorship plans fails” and finally came up with what felt right:- “it is my will that the govt censorship plan fails”.

The vowels and repeating letters were extracted and the following sigil constructed and fired.

Eat your heart out Cameron!