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A New Servitor – Time to Create “My Seat”

Posted in Chaos Magick, Magic, Occult, Servitors, Sigils with tags , , , , , , , , , on September 28, 2012 by Forge

With what appears to be a “summer recess” having come to a close and the nights drawing in it feels like time to get into the magical work again.

Those of you who recall the servitor Myspace! may be interested to know that I have in the past week supplemented the servitor with a real life makeshift bollard to deter people from parking in the space outside my house.  Whilst I felt Myspace! worked quite a lot of the time, an influx of new people having two cars to park in our little street was just too much for him – and my blood pressure!  Often I’d be gone for only ten minutes and some b**t**d would nip in!!

Undetered and undaunted I am planning to create the servitor mooted a few postings back.  A servitor designed to reserve my favourite (comfy) seat in a particular cafe in our City.

In the intervening months I have indeed done what was suggested.  I have carried out a survey of the occupancy of this seat and can tell you that when it was vacant 52% of the time I visited the cafe.

Once the servitor is created I will monitor the situation again and let’s see what happens!

I see the servitor as a kind of Jabba the Hut entity that will fill the seat when I am en route to the cafe, thus giving people who might be heading towards the seat the impression it is already occupied.

Similarly, if the seat is already occupied the people on it will suddenly feel it’s crowded, will finish their drink etc and will depart.

Frivolous?  Of course it is!

Trivial?  Yep!

Worth a shot?  You bet!


Creating a Haunting

Posted in Chaos Magick, Magic, Occult, Servitors, Sigils with tags , , , , , , , , , , on March 22, 2012 by Forge

A few years ago a group of Chaos Magicians discussed the notion of creating a haunting.  This would be a servitor linked to a particular locality that would feed off the energy of the people gazing at its sigil as they passed.  These sigils would be posted all over the locality so that as many people as possible contributed to its growth.  They even mooted employing the Ellis sigil to draw on its power and attributes…

The idea was that people would feel uneasy about the place and ultimately experience phenomena we would associate with a haunting ie:-

A glimpse of something that can’t be explained …

A sudden drop in temperature perhaps …

A feeling of being observed …

Strange noises…

Etc …

Of course, once the area gained any sort of reputation for strange goings on then this would feed into the process.  Indeed, sowing the seed in the local community would be a good ploy in this regard.

There’s no record of how this particular project panned out and I so would be very interested to hear from anyone who has experience or knowledge of this.

From my own experience, I have an “Allotment Guardian”, a troll creature that patrols my vegetable plots.  It is a servitor operating under very strict conditions which don’t include feeding on trespassers though I was sorely tempted.  Please check out my January posts (Allotment Guardian 1-4 and Gotch’s territory) on this.  But wouldn’t it be fantastic if people started seeing a spectral figure on my plot…WOW!

It’s also worth checking out the Phillips Experiment, by the way.  This occurred in Canada in the 1970s and involved a group of scientists attempting to create a ghost…