Protrex the Dino Cyclist Protector

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I have to confess from the outset – I’m one of the lycra brigade.

Yep, I cycle – with all the flashy gear and hopefully some idea!

Whilst cycling is a great way of getting fit and enjoying the countryside it does have a drawback.


As if the potholes and cow shit on the roads isn’t bad enough, you’ve got other road users to contend with who often just don’t pick you up on their radar until it is too late.  Or they just plain resent you being there and causing them to slow down.

This is not the place to tackle the cyclists v drivers debate – I seen cyclists doing some pretty stupid/provocative/dangerous things in my time – I just want us all to respect each other.

However, I reckon we on two wheels could do with some help and it was on a recent ride I came up with the concept for the Prot(ect) T Rex servitor.

Remember in the Jurassic Park movie when their jeep was chased by the T Rex?  Now imagine a creature of that speed, power and attitude running beside you.  A dino guardian.

I’ve worked up the following specification:-

 Specific Intent:  To protect me as I cycle, guarding me from other road users and warning me of hazards.

Energy/power source – energised via my Energy Store House Entity (pl see previous posts about ESHE  in March and  January 2012) directed by me at any time.

Appearance – A large T Rex

Magical abilities – a dense, threatening presence which prompts other road users to be fully aware of me and treat mewith consideration and courtesy.

Ability to direct my attention to hazards on the road.

Works in harmony with other servitors.

Housing – n/a     Protrex to be astral

Activation – to be activated when called by name out loud.

Life Span – my lifetime or when absorbed by me

Programming Symbol – a sigil of name

Contact – evoke if necessary using name

Of course there is no reason why this protection should be confined to cycling and no reason why it needs to be a T Rex.

It’s a matter of what suits you and your purpose.

Enjoy and be safe, whatever your mode of transport!



Sigil and Servitor Work: Beware of Unintended Consequences!

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Many of my previous posts have described in detail the process by which I have designed sigils and servitors.

These have included describing those factors I have taken into consideration in the “coding of the programme” – and the avoidance of unintended consequences.

Examples can be found in my posts:-

What is a Sigil? 24/12/2011

Allotment Guardian 3  11/01/2012

Powering Servitors 11/03/2012

Often such design flaws are not apparent at first.

Designing a sigil or servitor also has much in common with a legal document ie. contract, where all efforts are made to ensure no loop holes can occur as failing to establish boundaries could for instance see you losing control of the spirit you have created.

This is why it is important to assess your intended course of action and, if possible, run it past a magickal mate.

Because everything we do -very action we take – has consequences.  And, of course, this applies especially to magical work too.

So perhaps “The Monkey’s” Paw ” by W W Jacobs should be required reading for all folk in our line of work.

Many thanks to Tess for her comment which sparked off this train of thought.


Living Magically

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This morning I brought the Parking Eagle into existence.  An hour or so later I went for a run primarily to ground myself in the physical activity but also to shake the lactic acid out of my legs from a hard training session the night before.

The sun was shining and it was breezy.

As I started up the road I called to my Energy Store House Entity and imagined it soaring up into the sky to harvest the rays of the sun and the blustery wind.  I gave it permission to do this indefinitely.

I then called to Parking Eagle and within seconds the distinctive black silhouette sped skywards.  At my command beams of energy shot out from ESHE to strike the spirit raptor with let out a cry not unlike that of the buzzards we see around these parts.

Before long, as I headed out into the countryside, beams of energy were lancing out of ESHE to top up the power levels of all my servitors and I felt I was part of a network of beings, intent and energy.

At times like this life feels truly magical.

I have worked in many different “fields” of magic.  All have been special in their own way but some have also been intensely frustrating due to lack of perceived results.  Many a time I have sat in a cave or at a crossroads in a visualisation working only to feel that the party must be in another place but no one has told me…

The creative side of my personality is really responding to sigil and servitor magic(k) and maybe at long last I have found my niche.  Another part of me knows that in fact the journey continues on whether I like it or not!

Most importantly for me my magical practice interweaves with my daily life and is fully a part of it.

It’s also great fun!

I hope you find something useful in this rambling.


The Parking Eagle Servitor

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Whilst I accept that the central thrust of magical work is transformation, there is a lot to be said for doing practical stuff that affects your nitty gritty daily life.

So let me offer you a servitor designed to take some of the frustration out of motoring or, to be precise, finding a place to park your car – the Parking Eagle:-

Specific Intent:  To soar high above me as I drive scouting for parking spaces.

Energy/power source – energised via my ESHE directed by me at any time.

Appearance – A jet black eagle

Magical abilities – ability to locate any parking spaces in the area to which I am travelling.  It encourages people to quit their spaces ahead of me at the optimum time for me to slip in. It guides me to empty spaces. Works harmoniously with other servitors.

Housing – n/a     Parking Eagle to be astral

Activation – to be activated when called by name out loud.

Life Span – my lifetime or when absorbed by me

Programming Symbol – a sigil of name

Contact – evoke if necessary using name

A New Servitor? “My Seat!”

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Yesterday my wife and I popped to town and, having completed our shopping headed for our favourite waterhole.

We entered the coffee shop and headed for the cosy settee at the far end of the establishment where we like to relax and watch people as they come and go both in the cafe and in the street beyond the window.

Imagine our shock and chagrin to find some inconsiderate person was already occupying our rightful place!  We were forced to sit on the wooden chairs – not good if like me you’ve got bugger all padding on your arse!

This got me thinking.  How about a servitor designed to loom over the transgressor, making them feel uncomfortable by staring at them and tapping its foot impatiently until they are eventually impelled to vacate the seat?

I lapsed into flights of fancy as I drank my Americano.

What would it look like?

What would be its programming?

What would I call it?

Is the mere idea too trivial even to consider?


Be Careful What You Wish For….

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About three weeks ago I suddenly quit drinking.

I went from a half a bottle of red wine (or some bottles/cans of beer) every night to only drinking one evening over the weekend or when England are playing.

It was just a matter of one day saying to myself “I don’t want to do this anymore!”

Two days ago the penny dropped.  I have been working extensively to help the campaign to get people to reject junk food and choose a healthier lifestyle.  I have been looking at the original sigils quite a bit and, more latterly, the one combined with LS.

As I don’t eat junk food the magic has worked on the only other area with room for improvement…

And I applaud Spiritof theChaote for making the effort to get the sigil on Youtube – hopefully the first of many!


Super Sigil Launched!

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Albion has passed to me the new sigil REJECT JUNK FOOD (LHS) and CHOOSE HEALTHY LIVING & EXERCISE (RHS) attached to the Linking Sigil otherwise known as Ellis.

It needs to get out there to be energised by and exert influence on all those who gaze upon it, whether that’s by physically displaying it in public places or by the myriad ways open to us in cyberspace.